CPA Thoughts

CPA Thoughts

Thank you for reading my CPA Thoughts. As I write, I am reminded of Father Gallagher, the pastor of the catholic church and school I attended from grades one through eight. Every week, in the church bulletin, he placed his words under the heading labeled, TWSMW (Thoughts While Spinning My Wheel.) Hang in there, I will soon connect TWSMW to CPA Thoughts.


Our pastor lived frugally. He had unique methods of sending his messages. For example, after many years, he became known for recycling cards he received from well wishers. His method was to simply cross out the information from the sender, then write his message to the new receiver. I don’t recall our pastor ever acknowledging his recycling method but I do recall some unrest from his flock. For me, I learned to combine spiritual value and economic value through recycling.

If you want to read about Mark’s professional experience, click About Mark. CPA Thoughts is mostly here for fun, sprinkled with some business messages. I hope to emulate our pastor whose TWSMW often made me chuckle, while sometimes sending a message too.

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