About Mark

First of all, there are several ways to learn about MARK. For example, please click on the “View profile” button at the bottom of this page to connect with Mark on LinkedIn. Another alternative is to send an email to MarkMasquelierCPAPLLC@gmail.com. Most important, you can call Mark anytime at 520-991-3000.

Prepare Financial Statements

Mark has been preparing financial statements for 35 years. As a result, Mark Masquelier CPA Firm offers financial statement preparation services. In addition, Mark will prepare cash flow statements and other individual financial statements.

Prepare Financial Forecasts

Mark has been preparing financial forecasts for 25 years. Mark Masquelier CPA Firm offers financial forecast preparation services. Also, Mark will prepare cash forecasts and sales forecasts.

CPA Consultant

Mark provides CPA Business Consulting services across the four principle business areas: Accounting, Finance, Marketing, and Management. As a foundation for providing business consulting services, Mark utilizes his 25 years of experience overseeing all operations for several businesses. Furthermore, during the last five years, Mark has provided asset management services for $25 million of real estate assets for a project that occupied 10% of his time.

As a CPA Consultant, Mark will identify, analyze and recommend your alternatives to financing real estate, including funding received through government contracts. In addition, Mark offers real estate asset related services including planning, research, and analysis. Most noteworthy is Mark’s 30 years of experience in marketing and sales including team building, market planning, and marketing analysis.

Project Planning, Analysis & Implementation

Mark has 35 years of experience across a wide range of businesses. Most recently, he completed 22 years overseeing all operations for a successful retail and online product sales business. In addition, during the last five years, Mark lead the planning, analysis, and implementation of exit strategies for $25 million of multi-family housing real estate assets.

About Mark, The Early Years

Mark’s first real estate client was through Price Waterhouse in 1984 for a developer and general partner of large office buildings. Next, Mark started working in commercial real estate in 1985 in suburban Chicago. He was employed as Controller for a general partner, developer, manager, and leasing agent of shopping centers. After moving to Tucson in 1988, Mark focused on teaching accounting at Pima Community College and pursuing a master’s degree in Agricultural Education at the University of Arizona. However, real estate soon returned to Mark’s life. Next, Mark was employed in 1994 as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for a non-profit organization who owned and operated 25,000 square feet of real estate buildings, consisting of both office space and multi-family housing.

About Mark, The Recent Years

In 2001, Mark became an Arizona licensed real estate agent. A little later in 2001, Mark started originating residential loans as a Senior Loan Officer representative for a comprehensive mortgage broker. In 2010, Mark accepted a CFO position with a non-profit organization that owned $10 million of real estate assets and was general partner for an additional $25 million of real estate assets.

Through CPA Advantage Realty LLC, Mark offers comprehensive, commercial real estate research services for most of Southern Arizona. Mark (the Arizona licensed real estate agent) offers commercial real estate research services including: vacant land; office buildings; retail buildings; and multi-family housing.

Finally, Mark has worked hands-on focused his whole life. He started playing organized baseball at age seven. His personal favorite is basketball. His work life started when he was young too, cleaning yards and shoveling snow for neighbors in LaGrange, Illinois. After moving to Tucson in 1988, Mark started a new focus on agribusiness including teaching and plant sciences.

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