CPA Interim Controller

As CPA Interim Controller, CPA Mark can start helping you today! He can help you in the following areas.

Internal Relationships and Financial Statements

CPA Mark manages your bookkeeping and accounting functions to prepare timely and accurate financial statements. As a result, the financial statement foundation of your business is healthy. Furthermore, CPA Mark can prepare the annual audit file for your external auditors.

External Relationships

CPA Mark manages external financial and contractual relationships with banks, investors, government and, members of your board of directors. Also, he provides support for your tax preparation professional.

Current Assets and Liabilities

Many businesses benefit from CPA management of Cash, Accounts Receivable, Inventory and, Accounts Payable. Improvements in cash flow are especially relevant.

Budgets and Projections

CPA Mark prepares your monthly, quarterly and annual budgets including cash flow projections. Also, he monitors your budgets and cash flow projections. As a result, CPA Mark: performs financial analysis; develops recommendations and; reports to management.

Management of Long-Term Assets

Long-term business assets include land; buildings; equipment; machinery and; vehicles. Also included are intangible assets such as goodwill, patents & trademarks. Management of your long-term business assets is the key to your long-term business success!

CPA Interim Controller

A CPA Interim Controller can start showing you the many benefits now. In conclusion, contact CPA MARK to begin improving management of your business assets today!

Real Estate Assets

Finally, Mark Masquelier offers professional real estate brokerage services through CPA Advantage Realty LLC. Enjoy the advantage of working with a CPA to satisfy your real estate needs.

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