CPA Interim CFO
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CPA Interim CFO

Mark offers CPA Interim CFO services including both part time and full time. Temporary projects and short term projects are Mark’s strength. As a result, CPA Mark can help your business through a transition phase. Also, he can help new businesses start their financial business systems. Most CPA Interim CFO services involve Planning and Implementation. CPA Interim CFO services are offered through CPA Business Consulting as detailed below.


Mark leads and develops financial and operational plans that apply finance based decision making. In addition, Mark actively participates in strategic planning, product development and financial forecasting.


Mark works with senior management on major transactions including capital raises, debt, partnerships, mergers and, acquisitions. As a result, Mark offers advise on business processes, internal financial controls and, cost saving opportunities.


Controller services typically include: managing bookkeeping; producing timely and accurate financial statements; managing cash flow and budgets. Especially relevant, CPA Mark offers CPA Interim Controller services or he will maintain a good relationship with your Controller.

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