CPA Business Consulting

CPA Business ConsultingAn analytical approach is the primary component of the CPA Business Consulting process. CPA Business Consulting services consist of Consultations, Advisory Services, Implementation Services, Transaction Services, Other Support Services, and Product Services. Furthermore, Mark performs CPA services following the Code of Professional Conduct of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants that requires maintenance of integrity and objectivity. A business owner can Contact Mark Now for their free initial consultation with the CPA Entrepreneur.


Oral advice is the primary characteristic of Consultations. First of all, Mark created the CPA Roadmap as a starting point for all CPA business consultations. Next CPA business consulting clients may ask for informal comments on their business plan. Also, CPA business consulting clients may ask to discuss alternatives that exist to obtain financing. Furthermore, Mark can mention a way around a bottleneck in order processing. Finally, he can suggest ways to reduce inventory and improve your cash flow. Consultations often lead to more formal types of business consulting engagements as discussed below.

Advisory Services

Advisory Services generally result in a written report that presents findings, conclusions and, recommendations for client consideration and decision making. CPA business consulting clients may ask for an operational review and improvement study. Also, CPA business consulting clients may ask for a definition of information system requirements. Advisory service engagements often lead to Implementation Services engagements.

Implementation Services

Implementation Services are generally defined as performance of the Action Plan or Recommendations. Especially relevant is that Mark can set up new procedures to implement recommendations from an operational review. Also, Mark can assist in achieving a new incentive compensation system.

Transaction Services

Transaction Services generally result in a written report that presents findings and conclusions related to a specific client transaction, usually with a third party. CPA Mark can: prepare information to obtain financing; prepare analysis for mergers and acquisitions and; perform litigation support services.

Also, Mark provides Other Support Services including serving as CPA Interim Controller or CPA Interim CFO.

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