CPA Roadmap - Mark Masquelier CPA pllc
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CPA Roadmap

CPA Roadmap

CPA Roadmap

CPA Mark created the CPA Roadmap© to show the CPA financial statement path. Also, Mark created the CPA Stoplight© to provide a visual learning aid for use with the CPA Roadmap. Most significant, Mark uses the both the Roadmap and the Stoplight when he provides CPA Business Consulting services.

CPA Business Consulting

The core of CPA work rests in financial statements. In layperson terms, there are three basic financial statements: Balance Sheet; Income Statement and; Cash Flow Statement. CPA-world includes a fourth, and very important, basic financial statement, the Owners Equity Statement. However, the Owners Equity Statement is effectively a sub-statement of the Balance Sheet. In other words, to start, focus on the three basic financial statements, then you will learn faster.

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